Methodology and learning style

Experimental learning

At the conceptual level, the school is committed to experimental learning where the teachers and students together gain knowledge so that none is left out of this creative and exciting experience. This is then supported by field experience and project work; simple or complex integrated learning projects so that each student can put his acquired acknowledge to its test that creates an unforgettable experience of fun and enduring learning.

Engaging and Enduring

Learning by creating rather than b rote is an experience that reduces examination stress on one hand and promotes excellence on the other.

Responsible Citizenship

The learning process is perhaps the most distinctive feature at JVM. We aim at making the students autonomous. Lifelong learners, academically excellent and in all manners growing up as healthy and responsible citizen ready to occupy leadership positions.

Strong Foundation

Coupled with strong foundation of social and moral values, the students at JVM develop a Consciousness for the rich heritage of the past while mastering the complexities of modernity.