It started with a dream – a glorious vision to create an ambience conducive to creative learning. A humble endeavor to touch the grandest heights of excellence in education. A school with a difference! An institution on its journey to become a vibrant and empowering temple of learning. Providing holistic approach to education and to create and maintain a community where the synchronous growth of a child’s mind, body and spirit can occur in an organic way while providing students with the experience and tool (academic, artistic and practical) to find their way to meaningful work and relationship, both social and vocational.


Forever, Forward and Higher

The school motto as an anthem always inspires students to march forward in quest of higher goals as is apparent from the journey of the school when it was founded in 1968. Its foundation was laid with the above mentioned words in mind which also transformed into action as the time passed by. The school that treaded on the path of making a difference in the lives of many with an energetic & aspiring group. Today it stands tall carving its own niche among a plethora of schools. The innovative mission and zeal of the founder members took the school to the pinnacle of success due to the detailed execution of plans by the members. The finesse and sensitivity worked in unison with the pious thought of giving back to the society to give the school its present standard.


The school rises above the confines of conventional teaching. With an activity based curriculum, the institution initiates character development and the highly qualified faculty ensures academic excellence. We strive for the strong foundation of young learners which will facilitate them to become active participants in lifelong learning and this is done by integrating both national and international dimensions in the curriculum supported by the state of the art infrastructure. In addition to holistic development we facilitate learning by inculcating the values and meaning of 5 words from ’C’ – Confident, Creative, Competent, Cultured, Cosmopolitan in our students.