President Message

The educational process is a holy Endeavour.

Education not only connotes state- of- the – art infrastructure, vast number of students, sophisticated laboratories and equipments, well stocked libraries etc. Its distinguishing feature is the emphasis on preparing students to face life itself, through efforts to develop their personality and character and hone their mental skills to cope with the problems and challenges of complex world of today.

Forever, Forward and Higher is the motto of our institution and we strive ceaselessly to live up to it in our quest for excellence, not only in all dimensions of education but in life itself.

JVM devotes itself assiduously to grooming of students in such a way that they excel in all walks of life, make a mark in every field of human activity and become proud citizens of 21st century not only infused with qualities of character but also a capability to withstand the onslaught of modern day degeneration of values.

The true riches of this institution lie in producing gentle JVMINES who are truthful and represent the school motto. The hall mark of finished products of this institution is an upright character, confidence, analytical mind and concern for fellow being.

Here at Jain Vidya Mandir, we are committed to provide the young learners entrusted to our care with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to excel not only in this school, but also in their pursuit of higher education. If in course of this journey, our children discover the meaning of becoming joyful, lifelong learners, we, at JVM will have succeeded in our task of imparting a truly world class education.

As an educator, it has always been my personal philosophy to espouse and endorse the fact that while the world would benefit enormously from brilliant creative minds, what the world is in dire need of is compassionate, caring, good human beings, who care more about making a positive contribution to humanity, rather than seeking purely materialistic, personal advancement.

Let us strive to earn a good life, good thoughts and good opportunities.

Rakesh Jain