To make the children aware of the important days and festivals, the school celebrates the independence day, diwali, annual day with a great pomp and show.

This ensures the mass participation of the students and provides an excellent opportunity to shun the students and provides an excellent opportunity to shun the stage fear. For this the school has its own state of the art auditorium equipped with excellent sound system which can accommodate 1000 spectators to witness cultural programmes in comfortable manner.

Activity Room

Education is a long journey and the school believes in a good start. It is here, at the pre-primary level, that the foundation for the love of learning is developed and strengthened. “in its broadest sense, learning can be defined as a process of progressive change from ignorance to knowledge. From inability to competence, and from indifference to understanding.” Keeping the same in view the activity room of Montessori section has been designed which cater to the needs of tiny tots and is a place where the sensory and motor skills are developed through a gamut of activities.


The school cafeteria provides hygienically refreshments to the students and staff.


At JVM prime importance is given to health. The school’s infirmary is manned by qualified doctor and nursing staff. The medical officer conducts check-ups of students and individual medical cards are maintained. He along with a nurse takes care of the health, hygiene and sanitation aspects of the campus. Periodic eye, dental and skin check-ups are organized. Complete check-ups are also carried out twine a year to ensure that students are always in the pink of health.

School Transport

There is a fleet of buses plying to and from to various locations from the school. We take utmost care in ensuring that the drivers are experienced and efficient. Each bus an attendant too for the safety of the students.